On Friday morning, I opened up a couple of papers I read daily and saw a headline that read, “Chevrolet gets the word out:  Don’t call me Chevy”.  I had to read it a couple of times before I could believe it ! The nickname “Chevy” that has been a strong corporate voice for the company, Chevrolet, […]

A lot has been written about last Wednesday night’s almost perfect game pitched by Detroit Tigers’ pitcher Armando Galarraga.   What stood out for me from that game was all the positive mediatude created for Galarraga, the Detroit Tigers and the city of Detroit.  Positive mediatude is few and far between for the struggling Motor City, but in one […]

Danika Patrick didn’t finish the Indy 500 this year, but her corporate voice has  possibly been bumped down to last. Late last week Patrick hurt her corporate voice and her positive mediatude which she had had for so long, by not taking responsibility for her recent poor performances in getting ready for the Indy 500, but instead blaming […]

I just can’t let this one go.  I understand “trash talking” is a component in most pro sports and college sports as well.  It’s especially big in the NFL and NBA and is used as a way to get pumped up for an upcoming game, to motivate a team after viewing locker room bulletin board postings […]

I saw a blurb by Gabe Lacques in the Detroit Free Press and thought it was worth a few more words.  In my years of media training, I’m always trying to get my attendees to understand how to respond to the media in a positive light even when negative coverage surrounds them.  I always tell […]

No matter if you’re updating a corporate voice for a world-wide company, a mid-size or small company, a city, team, politician or your own individual corporate voice, check it and double check it will positively communicate what you want to your target audience. I tweeted about this yesterday (check it out on my Twitter link) […]

Over this weekend as I perused several newspapers ( I still like to read papers, but that’s another blog), I couldn’t help but notice the important part a corporate voice plays in leaving impressions for others.  President Obama told a group of newly adorned University of Michigan graduates to “give back, make a difference”.   New […]

Last week in this blog I described in simple terms the Media Equation:  Corporate Voice + Mediatude = Public Perception.   And, even though this equation relates to anyone or anything covered by the media, it is always in the forefront when it comes to athletes.  Why?  Because sports are covered in the media 365 days a […]

I noted in one of my previous blogs that I would talk about mediatude at a later date.  Well, today’s the day.  Mediatude is a concept I created that in its simplest terms, defines attitudes the media develops about whomever or whatever they are covering.  It can be positive or negative and most often affects […]

It was interesting yesterday watching a fantastic Masters golf tournament with all the players, situations, and golf shots you dream about.  For me, there was also another side to watch:  the coverage of the tournament.  At times, it was dramatically overplayed to keep hearing how great it was “to have Tiger back”, or references of “thanking him for […]