There’s a picture this week (Detroit Free Press, 9/26/10, Section D) that truly displays two corporate voices visually–something that I don’t think I’ve ever seen so accurately. Denard Robinson, starting Michigan QB, but knocked out of the game earlier with a minor knee injury, is smiling and hugging  2nd string QB Tate Forcier, who just connected with […]

At times,  we all need to be reminded that our corporate voice reflects and communicates our personality, values, and whatever else makes us who we are.  This week TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz needs to be reminded of that. Ms. Sainz tweeted last week she felt ” very uncomfortable” in the New York Jets’ locker room […]

The Detroit Free Press headline today was “He’s the man”.  That man being sophomore Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson.  In case you don’t care about football and/or have been sleeping under a rock, Robinson had 502 total yards yesterday, 258 of them, rushing.  And, he led a comeback against Notre Dame in the final seconds. You […]

I like Johnny Damon.  A lot of fans don’t– especially some of those in Boston who feel he was a traitor when he went to play for their rival, the New York Yankees.  But we’re not talking baseball here, we’re talking corporate voice and Damon has a good one.    He made a decision earlier this week to […]

What a week to look and study corporate voice!  There still were bits and pieces of positive and negative corporate voice coming from Stephen Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who grabbed a brewsky before sliding  down the disaster slide saying “Adios” to his career.  The public still can’t quite decide if he’s a hero or not and […]

I couldn’t help noticing the short article by Jim Corvett (USA Today) last week regarding the NFL Dallas Cowboy’s  rookie, Dez Bryant and a potential hazing prank .  I’m not a fan of hazing when it in anyway becomes dangerous to those involved, but I’m not even sure this particular event could me put into the hazing category.  Apparently, one of […]

It may be the lazy days of summer, but not so for many corporate voices in the news over the last couple of weeks.  I thought it’d be interesting to look at some.  Tiger’s back and his corporate voice still isn’t back to where it was from the pre-Elin debacle.  He looked uncomfortable at a couple […]

Teaching media seminars and classes are two of my most favorite things to do.  Over the years teaching and working in the media, I have learned an enormous amount about the media and how a story is covered and played out.  This week, here are seven things I teach about the media that can help you […]

A few columns ago, I wrote about a “layered” corporate voice.  BP is a perfect example of that.  The highest executive in a company probably single-handedly communicates the corporate voice of that company more than anyone else.  That’s why if you’re in that position, you can’t let your guard down even once, especially in a crisis situation.  […]