Mike Rice isn’t being fired for what he did. Mike Rice is being fired because what he did made the news. — Joe Sheehan (@joe_sheehan) April 3, 2013 The above quote, whether you agree with it or not, epitomizes the power of the media.

Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera won baseball’s Triple Crown this last week.  I’m not sure people understand just how important a feat that was.  Some of his teammates aren’t sure he’s truly aware of what he accomplished.  There’s been no Triple Crown winner since 1967 when Boston’s Carl Yastrzemski won it. Given all these facts, Cabrera […]

With so many corporate voices showcasing themselves over the past couple of weeks (Gingrich, Romney, Giants, Patriots, Wendy’s, Tiger),  it’s a good time to remind everyone that your corporate voice can be ever changing and only you have the power to manage it. Your corporate voice is your personality made up of your values, philosophies, […]

Sad news today about the death of Joe Paterno–the coach who won more games than anyone in NCAA football history and until recently one of the most revered and respected college football coaches around. His passing made me think of how he will be remembered and how a corporate voice is so much a part of who you are, your morals, philosophies, […]

Last Monday’s news about former Ohio State University’s Coach Tressel resigning created a lot of  phone calls, texts and emails for me.  One big reason is I received my graduate degree from The University of Michigan and if you didn’t know, we have quite a football rivalry with that school to the south. For awhile, I was […]

In the world of professional sports, it’s often hard to write about positive corporate voices and positive mediatude.  But for Detroit Tigers’ Justin Verlander, it’s easy.  Verlander had his second no-hitter (which is a feat in itself) for the Detroit Tigers on Saturday.  In fact, he was almost perfect–he walked one batter in the eighth inning–and […]

Over the last few weeks, there have been a plethora of corporate voices in the news.  Some of those corporate voices were covered with positive mediatude, some not.  Some added more trouble to their current corporate voices like Brett Favre.  He’s been in the news since the summer when he was still “deciding” if he’d come back […]