Sad news today about the death of Joe Paterno–the coach who won more games than anyone in NCAA football history and until recently one of the most revered and respected college football coaches around. His passing made me think of how he will be remembered and how a corporate voice is so much a part of who you are, your morals, philosophies, integrity — in general, your personality.

Many have said he was the greatest college football coach of all time.  But the last few months of his coaching career after being fired amid a child sex abuse scandal  was, perhaps, his biggest opponent and only time will tell if he was victorious.  Because Coach Paterno based his football teachings on “Success and Honor”, the fall out from this scandal affected the perception of his long-standing positive corporate voice.

A corporate voice is fragile and does not always stand strong alone.  It can be especially influenced positively or negatively by the media and the public.  You must always think about it, live by it and hope you make the right choice to support it.  Only time will tell if Joe Paterno did.

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