In the world of professional sports, it’s often hard to write about positive corporate voices and positive mediatude.  But for Detroit Tigers’ Justin Verlander, it’s easy.  Verlander had his second no-hitter (which is a feat in itself) for the Detroit Tigers on Saturday.  In fact, he was almost perfect–he walked one batter in the eighth inning–and with this game, he became a member of a very elite group of pitchers.

Of course, I admire and respect Justin as a great athlete, but I also admire and respect him for his corporate voice and mediatude.  When asked about the pitch he threw that was called ball 4, he said without hesitating, “It was a ball.”  No argument, no questions.  He was asked how pitching a second no-hitter in his young career made him feel.  He said he was happy and that he has set many goals for himself and will continue to do so.  But he also said, “I love the city of Detroit, and the fans and I’m happy I could do it for them.”  Now, in these days not many people say they love the city of Detroit, so Verlander used his corporate voice to further endear the city and fans and the sports media.  His mediatude has always been positive since he’s been with the Tigers even when he’s being criticized.  Some may say he knows how to “work” the press.  I say he’s doesn’t have to because his corporate voice does it for him.  Great corporate voice =positive mediatude.  We could all learn a lesson from Verlander.

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