Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera won baseball’s Triple Crown this last week.  I’m not sure people understand just how important a feat that was.  Some of his teammates aren’t sure he’s truly aware of what he accomplished.  There’s been no Triple Crown winner since 1967 when Boston’s Carl Yastrzemski won it.

Given all these facts, Cabrera remained with his usual corporate voice–humble, team-oriented, upbeat, with his great smile. That’s why his corporate voice is one to admire and learn from.  Remember a corporate voice shows who you are, your personality so to speak.  It incorporates your values and morals.  Most of us have corporate voices that tend to change depending which way the wind blows.  And, that’s easy to understand because keeping a steady corporate voice is hard to do daily, especially when life gets negative and things happen.  But, not Cabrera.  Even when he went through bad times a couple of years ago, he straightened himself out and look what he accomplished.  He has the ability now to remain steady whether at the plate or in life.


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