We get you out of sticky situations before you get in them!

Mediatude, LLC is a unique communications/coaching company specializing in media coaching, social media education and presentation skills training.  We combine our coaching expertise with higher education copyrighted research, to help our clients understand how to manage the media and communicate their messages successfully to targeted audiences, including social media.  This is accomplished through detailed research and teaching such concepts as “corporate voice” and “team voice”.  We also have a Media Training Boot Camp.

In presentation skills seminars, clients learn and review everything in a presentation from an outline, to better power point presentations, to verbal and non-verbal do’s and don’ts, in order to help them communicate their message successfully whether to a live audience, on line, or using video.   No training seminar is a “cookie-cutter”, but, rather a very pinpointed use of content. We teach basic, intermediate and/or executive level seminars for all subjects.

Young people are the biggest users of social media.  For our social media content training/education, we help develop “team voices” for student-athletes and pro-athletes, so the team has a consistent positive voice to rely on when posting after a game, especially emotional ones.  For non-athlete students, we help develop their own positive individual or “corporate” voice to rely on.   These “voices” help define who they are , what they are, their beliefs and values–similar to a brand.  They use these voices in their content when posting and it becomes a life skill to help them no matter what professional path they choose.